Camping with the best entertainment team in Brabant

Hello! We are the Viva-clowns of Camping de Paal! 

During the holidays we experience very funny things when we play with the children. In the evening we can talk about it for hours in the empathy theater. Will you come and play with us?

Our entertainment program is completely aimed at children up to 11 years old. We ensure that the children experience the most fantastic adventures, we are very good at that! But you might want to experience that for yourself ...

What we do at the campsite?

We play with the children at Camping de Paal all summer with our other buddies. Do you know what we do? We often start the morning with singing songs, dancing and crafts. Just because it is super fun. During the day we have a very varied program which we don't really want to reveal yet, because then the surprise is over. That would be a shame, right?


Every night we experience great adventures in the theater

Dancing together and reading a story before going to sleep is fun, but with us the roof is off! In the evening we take a trip through the jungle, play in a musical and much more. You really have to be there because we make it a great spectacle every night! With us, (almost) everything is possible and allowed, nothing is too crazy. After all, it is vacation!

Sing-a-long Camping de Paal

What a Fantastic Show it was !! Did you also enjoy our Sing-a-Long at Camping de Paal? Then quickly watch the video ...

Are you coming to play with us?

Happy greetings,

The Viva Clowns

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