The best campsite with swimming pool and water playground

We have a subtropical swimming pool at the campsite. A swimming paradise with an indoor pool and a large outdoor pool with 3 super cool water slides. But if you can't swim very well yet, our water playground is really the place-to-be. This is a very large indoor playground in the water. Isn't it special?

Everything about our water playground at the campsite

Our water playground is truly a paradise if you enjoy splashing and playing in the water. You can shoot with water shooters here, crawl through a cave, climb and clamber over the many playground equipment and slide down the slide.

But what is perhaps the best part is the belly slide. Just lie on your stomach and slide! Happy children's faces guaranteed!

Play safely with water in the pool

It is not entirely unimportant for parents that we attach great importance to safety. Of course the water depth is indicated everywhere and the small children cannot just enter the deeper pool. The bottom of the swimming pool is also unique, because it is made of special fall-absorbing material. Water fun is important, but safety is more important.

We always ask moms & dads or grandpas and grandmas to accompany the kids to the pool. Not that this is a punishment, because it is great fun to splash and play together in the water playground.

Swimming, playing and sleeping at Camping de Paal means enjoying

Camping de Paal is a 5-star children's campsite in Brabant and we didn't just get those 5 stars. We focus on ensuring that children up to 11 years of age experience an unforgettable holiday. Not only in the swimming pool and water playground, but also in the “normal” playgrounds, with the entertainment team, at the camping pitches and in special rental accommodations.

Whether those 5 stars are justified? It is best to come and experience that for yourself.

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