Camping with swimming pool? Discover Camping de Paal!

Are you and your family looking for a campsite with a swimming pool? Camping de Paal has both an indoor and an indoor swimming pool with a real water playground where the children will not be bored for a moment. Say for yourself, have you ever seen an indoor playground in the water? Isn't it special? Do you know what you can do there? Shoot with water shooters, belly slide and slide down the slides! De Paal is not just a campsite with a swimming pool, it is a fan-tas-tic campsite with a swimming pool!!

The best campsite with an indoor swimming pool in Brabant!

You will not have it cold here because it is a real subtropical indoor swimming pool where it is always at least 25 degrees. You also don't have to be afraid of falling, because the bottom of the lagoon has a wonderfully soft fall-absorbing bottom, unique in the Netherlands.

  • Watertoestellen voor jong en oud
  • Water van minimaal 28 graden
  • Waterspeeltuin met watershooters
  • Bodem van speciaal valdempend materiaal
  • Buikschuifbaan

Play safe with water

It is not entirely unimportant for parents that we attach great importance to safety. Of course, the depth is indicated everywhere and the small children cannot just enter the deeper pool. The bottom of the swimming pool is also unique, because it is made of special fall-absorbing material. Water fun is important, but safety is more important.

We always ask moms & dads or grandpas and grandmas to accompany the kids to the pool. Not that this is a punishment, because it is great fun to splash and play together in the water playground. Don't forget to bring your camera to photograph the smiling faces. Nice to app to grandpa & grandma!


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